Mantra Accessories that Spark Inspiration

Mantra Accessories that Spark Inspiration

16th Mar 2020

The power of quotes, positive affirmations, and scriptures inspired me to create mantra jewelry. Wearing my mantra jewelry motivates me daily to dream bigger, keep going, and believe in myself. Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. It is also defined as something that moves someone to act, create, or feel an emotion. Mantra jewelry and accessories by expressions bracelets does just that, moves one to feel the inspiration. Inspiration to take action in their life, personally, professionally or spiritually. With words laser engraved on metal, the message on the jewelry speaks to the wearer as a reminder to be inspired.

BE INSPIRED with accessories by expressions bracelets

1. Hand Stamped You Got This Mantra Cuff - Nu Gold

2. Believe In Yourself Mantra Gold Charm Vegan Leather Key Ring and Tassel

3. Feel the Fear Mantra Gold Charm Bangle