Personal Motivation: Keeping Yourself Inspired and Uplifted

Personal Motivation: Keeping Yourself Inspired and Uplifted

SaRatta Murphy on 1st Jul 2020

With so many things happening all around us it is a challenge to keep ourselves finding joy in the "new normal" of 2020. We have seen so many things take place in the last 6 months that have rocked our worlds and jolted our sense of reality. I have found that during these times it is more important than ever to stay in prayer, stay focused, and stay inspired. Here are three ways I keep myself motivated:


Depending on the day or the mood I will tap into a podcast to motivate me in my business, in my personal life, and/or in my spiritual life. Here are my three top Podcasts to listen to:

  • Goal Digger Podcast - The live-workshop style business podcast that is helping thousands redefine success and chase bolder dreams. You can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.
  • Euip + Empower - If you desire to bring hope, create change, and see yourself the way God sees you, this podcast is for you. Every Monday and Thursday we will dive into Scripture together and get inspired with the passion and truth we need to step boldly into the destiny God has for us.
  • Happier Podcast - If you’ve ever wanted to create more happiness in your life, then The Happier Podcast is for you. Host, Gretchen Rubin, examines daily habits and the role they play in the overall quality of your life.


I use apps to drop positive words into my daily routine. These words keep me motivated, inspired and uplifted. Here are my top three apps for daily quotes and devotion:

  • ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations - Find the motivation and positive mindset you need to succeed with daily encouragement. This app is designed to inspire you with positive affirmations and self-talk — a proven technique to make your mind work for you.
  • Motivation - Whether you're going through hard times, need an extra push to get stuff done, or like sharing inspirational quotes in social media, Motivation has you covered.
  • Holy Bible Verse Quotes and Images - The "Holy Bible Verse Quotes Images" deliver multiple devotions to you on a daily basis. Devotion is a meditation on God’s words. It translates God’s words in a way that is, easy to understand and applies to today’s life.


There is something special about the sound of music. It is moves your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Here are my three go-tos for playing music:

Whatever you may be going through, finding the courage to keep yourself motivated each day will inspire you, heal you, and push you forward in life. Stay strong, stay inspired, stay grounded, and use the tools of life to keep yourself encouraged.