The meaning Psalm 46:5: A Candid Look at the Bible Verse

The meaning Psalm 46:5: A Candid Look at the Bible Verse

SaRatta Murphy on 9th Apr 2020

In today's world it is easy to get caught up in the trending scriptures that are popular and heavily quoted. Sometimes we get lost in the words and neglect the meaning. It is one thing to quote the scriptures but another altogether to understand the scriptures and live by them.
I grew up in a devout Christian home with two parents that were (still are) Pentecostal ministers. We were memorizing and quoting scriptures before the age of 5. Although the Bible was an intricate part of my life as a child, it wasn't until I studied as an adult that I had a greater understanding of the scriptures within the pages. The scriptures guided me through some very low moments in my life and helped to keep me on the path of faith and believing. 
Psalm 46:5 became a favorite during a particularly rough period in my life. I can't quite remember how I came across this verse again. It may have been engraved on a cup, printed on a shirt or etched on a piece of jewelry given to me. What I do remember is how it was phrased, "God is within her, she will not fail". At the time I was failing miserably at everything! This scripture became part of my prayer and daily affirmation. It was what I needed at that moment in my life. There was a sense of safety, a reminder that my God was within me and as long as I put my trust in Him, He would be with me through all the troubles, trials, and tribulations. He would give me the strength to get back up after any fall or failure. The scripture did something for me that no self help book, blog, or encouragement from others could do at that time. It healed a part of me that had been broken.

Over the years I have read countless blogs and viewed tons of videos on Psalm 46:5, to explore the meaning behind the scripture. Some have chastised women for not knowing the reason this Psalm was written and for taking it out of context and applying to their personal lives. You see, Psalm 46 is a war Psalm specifically known as Zion Song. It is about cosmic collapse, political turmoil, and divine intervention. The "she" is verse 5 is referring to Zion, the city of God. God is speaking to the Jews to remind them that He is within the city and it will not fall.

For me, this did not change what the scripture did for me during my time of need. It just enlightened me and actually deepened the connection I had with the scripture and allowed me to see the beautiful metaphor. It is a metaphor of the hope, encouragement and strength I have found in God through scripture throughout my life. Just like God was in the midst of the city of Zion and did not let it be moved, He is in the midst of me as well. If He can do that for an entire city, of course He can do that for me.

Many of you have felt a connection with this scripture and I want to encourage you to hold on to the power of the scripture and know that it is a reminder of what God can and will do in our lives. This psalm reminds us that, if we are filled with the spirit of God, we may experience falls and failures but He is right there to pick us up and help us during those times. God will rescue us if we are being defeated. It is a declaration of God’s deliverance and enduring power through any attack, situation, challenge, or trial. He is not just with us, but within us.

During tough times I am praying that the power of prayer and the influence of scripture keeps your faith strong.

"God is within her, she will not fall;
God will help her at break of day.

- Psalm 46:5